The Victorian Minister for Planning has released a Discussion Paper in relation to proposed reforms to planning scheme zones in Victoria. The proposal aims to delete 9 zones, create 5 new zones, and amend 12 zones, as follows:


Delete 9 existing zonesCreate 5 new zonesAmend 12 existing zones
Residential   1 Zone
Residential 2 Zone
Residential 3 Zone
Business 1 Zone
Business 2 Zone
Business 3 Zone
Business 4 Zone
Business 5 Zone
Priority Development Zone
Residential   Growth Zone
General Residential Zone
Neighbourhood Residential Zone
Commercial 1 Zone
Commercial 2 Zone
Low Density   Residential Zone
Mixed Use Zone
Township Zone
Rural Living Zone
Green Wedge Zone
Green Wedge A Zone
Rural Conservation Zone
Farming Zone
Rural Activity Zone
Industrial 1 Zone
Industrial 2 Zone
Industrial 3 Zone


Details of the proposed reforms are at: